Men’s Lycon Waxing & Hair Removal Treatments

At Spa-licious, Gerrards Cross we’re proud to offer Lycon wax and hair removal treatments, a world-renowned brand of superior waxes made of the finest resins and aromatherapy oils. Our waxing treatments for men create low-maintenance, long-lasting smooth skin, whilst enhancing muscle definition and slowing hair regrowth.

We provide a full range of Lycon waxing hair removal treatments for face and body, include:

  • Back and chest waxing
  • Nostrils and ear waxing
  • Abdomen waxing
  • Shoulder waxing
  • Abdomen waxing
  • Intimate waxing

Lycon is the first wax of its kind to use soothing and conditioning Aloe Vera, Azulene, Camomile, Rose and Lavender – allowing effective waxing of all areas with a 50% reduction in sensation and minimal discomfort.


Regular Lycon waxing slows down the natural growth of thick, unwanted hair, in time producing finer hair regrowth and keeping the skin smoother for longer. Its results can last up to six weeks as the hair is removed directly from the root.  Lycon is even effective on very short hair or stubble (1mm in length) so there’s no need to wait for longer growth to book your appointment.

What to expect

Our men’s waxing is carried out by our team of highly skilled therapists who are experienced in all areas of men and women’s waxing. As well as applying effective waxing techniques for minimum discomfort, the temperature of the Lycon formula we use ensures the wax wraps around the hair, rather than the skin, preventing any adhesion to the skin.

Furthermore, because of its gentle conditioning ingredients, our Lycon waxing is particularly good for sensitive skins.

Following the waxing treatment, you’ll be provided with full after care advice, including avoiding exercise or swimming 24-48 hours afterwards as open hair follicles can be susceptible to irritation from perspiration and chlorine.

Treatment name FAQs

Q: I’ve always shaved the area, will it hurt?

There might be some sensitivity at your first treatment, however, after this the hair growth is weaker making subsequent waxing treatments easier.  Lycon wax is unique too in that it minimises discomfort due to its gentle formula and the temperature at which it is applied.

Q: Can I work out at the gym after a wax?

It is best to leave the area to recover for 24-48 hours. However, it’s fine to go to the gym before your treatment.

Q: What's the aftercare procedure for waxing?

We advise you avoid the following for 24-48 hours – saunas and steam rooms, exercise, hot baths or showers.  It’s also a good idea to wear clean, loose clothing to the appointment to prevent rubbing or irritation.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? No
  • Treatment Time 30-60 mins
  • Duration of Results 4-6 weeks
  • After Effects Redness, blotching
  • One-off treatment or recurring One-off
  • Price From £14.00

Results may vary from person to person

"Great waxer! Very professional."

- Peter

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Our Lycon men’s waxing for the chest, back, shoulders, abdomen and face creates smooth, hair free skin for up to six weeks.

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