Semi-Permanent Eyelash or Eyeliner

Semi-Permanent Eyelash Enhancement and/or Eyeliner Treatment

Emphasise and enhance your eyes with our professional semi-permanent eyelash enhancement and/or eye liner treatments.  Our long-lasting eyelash enhancement is a soft liner of colour applied through the top and bottom lashes. This treatment is ideal for achieving a subtle make up look that won’t smudge or fade.

To define and really open up your eyes, we also provide semi-permanent eyeliner, where colour is applied through the lash line and above the lash line, making your eyes appear bigger and even more beautiful.  Effortless semi-permanent eyeliner make up is the perfect solution if you want to save time on applying make up and always look your best – whether you’re at work, on a special night out or even working out!

Prior to booking your semi-permanent eyelash and/or eyeliner treatments, you’ll need to book a semi-permanent make up consultation to discuss the type of look you’d like to achieve and undergo a patch

Before & After


Our semi-permanent make up treatment for eyelashes results in a soft, natural-looking liner that mimics and thickens your lashes.  Combined with the semi-permanent eyeliner make up, the look is still natural but stronger, making your eyes appear larger, more colourful and more defined.  Plus, whichever treatment you choose, your eye makeup won’t run or smudge and takes zero time to apply – transforming your beauty regime!

What to expect

Topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the eyelash line approximately 25 minutes before the start of the treatment. The eye area is cleansed thoroughly of any traces of existing makeup.

Using a specialist permanent make up system, one of our qualified aestheticians skilfully applies the pigment under the skin using fine needles. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure, which takes around an hour to complete, depending on the eyeliner treatment you select.  When your eyelash and/or eyeliner make up is finished, you can check the result and any final adjustments can be made. You’ll also be given appropriate aftercare advice.

Semi-permanent eyelash and eyeliner often appears darker directly after treatment, however this will lighten 40-60% after 3-6 days.
Your retouch appointment, to perfect the eyelash and eyeliner colour, takes one to two hours and can be booked from four weeks after your initial treatment.

Treatment name FAQs

Q: Will there be any swelling after the treatment?

A very small amount of swelling can occur but subsides 12-24 hours after treatment.  If you experience swelling, it may help to hold an ice pack on the area.

Q: Can I wear eye make up after the treatment?

It is best to wait until the treatment area has fully healed before applying any eye make up.  We also recommend buying a new mascara as old mascara can harbour harmful bacteria.

Q: Can I tint my lashes before the treatment?

Yes, one week prior to your semi-permanent eye make up treatment.

Q: Why do I need a patch test?

This is to ensure you’re not allergic to any of the products used during the semi-permanent make up process.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? Yes
  • Treatment Time 90 mins
  • After Effects Redness, swelling can occur
  • One-off treatment or recurring Recurring
  • Price £350.00 includes consultation patch test, intial treatment and retouch after 4 weeks

Results may vary from person to person

Book your Semi Permanent Makeup Consultation For Eyeliner

Maximise your eyes! Semi-permanent eyeliner is the perfect treatment to create fuller, natural eyelashes or a strong dramatic eyeliner – book yours today!

Book your Semi Permanent Makeup Consultation For Eyeliner

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