Semi Permanent Makeup For Lips

Semi-Permanent Make Up for Lips – Lip Blush and Full Colour Lip Treatment

Research shows that fuller and firmer lips create a youthful, healthy appearance. Yet few of us are blessed with perfectly symmetrical lips. Add to this a loss of lip volume and pink pigment as part of the natural aging process, it’s no wonder more of us are seeking long-term solutions.

Our professional semi-permanent make up treatment for lips restores and enhances the definition, colour and fullness, with no need for artificial fillers. We provide two popular cosmetic lip treatments at Spa-licious, Gerrards Cross, including semi-permanent Lip Blush and Full Colour Lips, creating the perfect pout and lifting and transforming the face instantly.


Our semi-permanent Make Up Lip Blush treatment delivers a subtle matt lipstick effect, adding just a hint of colour to your lips. While our Full Lip Colour treatment provides more intense colour, ideal if you prefer a more ‘made-up’ look for day and evening.

We offer lipstick pigments in all shades to match your natural lip colour. This treatment can also be used to correct the lip shape, creating perfectly symmetrical, fuller looking lips, as well as disguising lip scars.

Our clients love the results, saying it makes an immediate visual impact, boosts their self-confidence – as they look always look their best, in all situations – and saves time and effort applying and re-apply lipstick, plus it eliminates smudging lipstick on your teeth for good!


What to expect

Using a specialist permanent make up system, one of our qualified aestheticians applies the blended pigment to your lips using an ultra-fine needle tip. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort during the procedure as a topical anaesthetic cream is applied to your lips and lip area 25 minutes prior to treatment, ensuring it is pain free. The lip colouring process takes around one hour to complete.

After the treatment your lips will appear darker, but the shade will lighten by 40-60% after 3-6 days. We advise a re-touch appointment is booked for four weeks after your initial treatment. This takes between one and two hours and involves filling any areas of the semi-permanent lip make up that haven’t held. This is a natural part of the process, as everyone’s skin responds differently. Our highly trained aestheticians will provide full after care advice and you’re welcome to contact us between appointments if you have any questions.

Prior to booking your semi-permanent lip tattoo treatment, you will need to book a semi-permanent make up consultation to discuss the look you want the treatment to achieve and undergo a patch test.

Treatment name FAQs

Q: Can I still have semi-permanent lip treatment if I have lip fillers?

Absolutely, yes. However, it may take slightly longer to (up to three treatments) to complete your final look.

Q: Will my lips swell after lip make up treatment?

Your lips may swell slightly for around 48-hours following treatment. An ice compress can be used to reduce this effect.

Q: I suffer from cold sores; can I still have the treatment?

Yes, you can still go ahead with this treatment. However, as the cold sore virus lies dormant within the system, it’s important to point out that the treatment may trigger an outbreak.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? Yes
  • Treatment Time 90 mins
  • After Effects Slight swelling, redness
  • One-off treatment or recurring Two treatments
  • Price £350.00 includes consultation patch test, intial treatment and retouch after 4 weeks

Results may vary from person to person

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Enhance your lip colour and shape with our natural semi-permanent lip make up solutions.

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