I Med +11 Anti-aging Facial

I-Med +11 Anti-aging Facial

Tired of seeing fine lines and wrinkles? Uneven texture or sagging facial and neck skin? You don’t have to opt for surgery, now you can get visible, lasting results with our ground-breaking anti-aging +11 facial treatment.

This revolutionary non-surgical facial uses the power of fractional radiofrequency to resurface, repair and rejuvenate the skin from the outside by stimulating your skin’s self-renewal process.  During the treatment, a hi-tech fractional skin resurfacing device is moved gently across the face or body.

This advanced tool performs three key functions – resurfacing (removing dead skin cells), meso-therapy (gently perforating the skin surface to promote rapid repair) and ozone generation (a highly effective antibacterial agent). This high-impact, painless treatment tackles a range of skin issues, including improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – even in sensitive regions above the lip and around the eyes, restoring volume to the mid and lower face and tightening the skin around the jawline and neck. It is also an effective treatment for wrinkles on the breast and décolleté, and even those stubborn, tell-tale wrinkles on exposed areas such as hands and feet.

The intensive skin repairing properties of the 11+ facial also make it ideal for treating congested skin with open pores, active acne, scarring or marks from previous breakouts, plus other imperfections such as, chicken pox scars, stretch marks, burns and surgery scars.

Before & After


At Spa-licious skin clinic, we’re committed to bringing our clients treatments that really work and the 11+ facial is no exception, with client’s seeing immediate results after one treatment. The 11+ tool operates like a fractional laser, creating tiny ‘microscopic holes’ in the skin surface. This kick starts the skin’s natural healing process, replacing damaged tissue with collagen-rich, healthy new skin. The advantage of the latest version of the +11 is that it also produces pure ozone, a more energetic form of oxygen, which super-charges regeneration, circulation and has a deep cleaning, germicidal effect. After the treatment your complexion will look clearer and feel smoother, wrinkles will appear reduced, and texture more refined. Loose skin on the face, neck or body will look tighter and more toned. See the before and after photos to see results.

What to expect

After a one-to-one consultation to discuss the problems you’d like to remedy and the results you’d like to achieve, your skin will be cleansed of any impurities and make-up.  The treatment is performed by our accredited aesthetician who, after applying an active skin care solution, will run a pen-like device repeatedly across the area. The treatment is completely safe and painless. A tailored skin soothing cream is massaged into the skin to finish.

Treatment name FAQs

Q: How long does the facial take?

This is express skin care at its very best treatments are only 30-minutes and require minimal down time.

Q: When will I see results and how long will they last?

You should notice an immediate improvement after one treatment with the effect continuing over several weeks as your skin accelerates collagen production. Results are progressive and further treatments may be recommended depending on skin condition and what your goals are.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? Yes
  • Treatment Time 45mins
  • After Effects Skin will appear brighter
  • One-off treatment or recurring One-off or a course of treatment
  • Price +11 Deep Dermabrasion £70

+11 Anti Aging Deluxe with skin tightening £125

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