Déesse LED Phototherapy Facial

Our Déesse LED Phototherapy Facial treatment is one of the most technologically advanced facial systems available and is used by a host of well-known celebrities, including the Kardashian sisters, to maintain youthful, glowing skin – and now you can experience the impressive results for yourself at our Gerrards Cross cosmetic skin clinic!

The Déesse LED phototherapy mask uses five clinically-proven wavelengths of coloured light to stimulate cell renewal up to 10mm below the skin surface, supporting skin rejuvenation at its deepest, most intense level. The LED light facial is proven to improve an extensive range of skin conditions including, reducing signs of aging and sun damage, such as fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture, acne, skin pigmentation (it’s particularly effective at reducing redness and sun spots), and rosacea. It’s also the ideal post-surgery recovery facial for accelerating skin healing.

The rejuvenating effects of our Déesse anti-aging facial treatment are especially effective when used in conjunction with our other facial treatments, including Meso Vytal Micro Skin Needling Book Here  and our Fibroblast Plasma Treatment. Book Here.



Celebrities that love Déesse Phototherapy Light Facial


The beauty of our Déesse LED phototherapy treatment is that it not only targets the skin condition you want to address, from inflamed acne to skin aging, but delivers a broad range of revitalising skin benefits, such as stimulating cell renewal, increasing blood circulation and balancing pigmentation irregularities – all of which promote healthy, younger-looking skin.

Additional results of light therapy for anti-aging include, increased collagen and elastin production, improved skin texture and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. While for acne-prone skin, you can expect to see a reduction in skin congestion and breakouts, more regulated oil production and less inflammation and redness.

What to expect

After a consultation with one of our expert aestheticians to discuss the most beneficial light mode for your skin, your face and neck will be cleansed and exfoliated.

The Déesse LED Mask will then be placed over your face. While the mask emits light, the eyes are protected with googles. The process is very comfortable and warming. After the colour therapy treatment, a nourishing face mask is applied followed by a sun protection moisturiser (SPF30).

Treatment name FAQs

Q: Can I have this treatment if I'm on medication?

A full consultation will be given prior to treatment. However, antibiotics cannot be taken at the time of this treatment. Please ask your aesthetician for further information.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? Yes
  • Treatment Time 45-60 mins
  • After Effects Redness can occur
  • One-off treatment or recurring One-off
  • Price Prices start from £65.00

Results may vary from person to person

"Loved the treatment! and was asked by a friend later why my skin was looking so good?"

- Yvonne B

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