Meso Vital Facial with Deesse light therapy

Our Meso Vytal skin infusion is a cutting-edge, highly effective gentle skin needling treatment for men and women. Meso Vytal skin infusion is the newest of the renowned Meso facial series which delivers powerful cell renewal and hydrating ingredients, including hyaluronic acid (HA), deep into the skin where the epidermis meets the dermis, allowing it to take maximum effect.

While the Meso Vytal skin infusion technique works at a maximum depth of 0.3mm, the Meso Vytal needle cartridge creates microscopic skin punctures to a depth of 0.5mm. This action boosts collagen and elastin production significantly, improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin texture and lifting sagging face and neck skin. It’s also far less invasive than other anti-aging treatments, such as facial fillers, requiring virtually no recovery time.

You won’t feel any discomfort during the Meso Vytal skin infusion procedure, in fact its gentle needling action means it can be used on even the most sensitive areas of the face, including around the eyes, nose and top lip area. It’s also a highly effective skin healing treatment and can be used to smooth and reduce acne scars and other facial scars due to illness (such as chicken pox scars), burns or surgery.





Even after one treatment, you’ll see a substantial improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, while sagging skin will appear lifted, tightened and smoother. Pores and scars are minimised, and your skin will look healthy, hydrated and radiant. Get ready for compliments!

What to expect

One of our team of highly skilled aestheticians will talk to you about your skin’s condition and the problems you’d like to remedy. Your face and neck will then be thoroughly cleansed.  Despite using fine needles, the treatment is completely pain-free, so that the most you’re likely to feel is a slightly prickly sensation. During the facial, the neck and face, even around the eye area (often one of the first places to show signs of aging) is treated, giving you optimum results. After the solution has been applied, the rejuvenating effect is intensified with LED light therapy. The facial finishes with skin specific moisturisers and high protection sun cream (SPF30).

Treatment name FAQs

Q: Does it painful?

No, you won’t feel any pain as the needle cartridge moves over your skin, only a very mild prickling sensation.  The procedure is very gentle and doesn’t even require an application of anaesthetic cream beforehand.

Q: How many treatments will I need to see an improvement?

You’ll notice an immediate improvement after your first skin needling treatment. For best results, a course of six treatments is recommended.

Q. What will I look like immediately afterwards?

Your face may appear a little red afterwards, this reduces quickly but you can apply a natural mineral foundation to counteract this.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? Yes
  • Treatment Time 45 mins
  • After Effects Redness, blotching
  • One-off treatment or recurring Course of 6 recommended
  • Price £90 single treatment

Results may vary from person to person.

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Improve signs of aging and get glowing skin with our powerful Meso Vytal Skin Infusion Facial for men and women.

Book your Meso Vital Facial with Deesse light therapy

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