Strawberry Lift

Strawberry Lift is a revolutionary new laser facelift treatment loved by celebrities.


This sought-after treatment delivers the same impressive effect as a surgical lower facelift and results can be seen after just one treatment.

The Strawberry Lift is ideal for combatting signs of aging, which can begin as early as our late twenties. As skin cell renewal starts to slow down, collagen and elastin deplete causing skin to look dehydrated and duller. First fine lines can also start to appear around the eyes and mouth.

In our thirties and forties, as oestrogen levels drop, skin can start to appear drier and broken blood vessels and uneven patches of pigment can emerge. Around this time, facial skin tends to become looser, creating sagging, particularly around the jawline and under the chin.

The Strawberry Lift delivers high-impact results across all these areas, including:

* Tightening loose skin around the jawline
* Reducing a double chin
* Lifting and firming facial jowls
* Tightening and lifting neck skin

As well as sculpting the lower face and restoring a more youthful profile in older patients, it is ideal for giving stronger jawline definition in younger patients.

How the strawberry lift treatment works

The Strawberry Lift uses painless low-level lasers to penetrate the skin and target and eliminate adipocyte cells – also known as fat cells. At the same time, the laser heats tissue protein boosting collagen production and plumping and lifting the skin.  Unlike injectable treatments such as dermal fillers, the treatment doesn’t involve needles and results can last up to 18 months.


As the laser breaks down the fat cells straight away, results can be seen after your first treatment.  Over the course of treatments (typically between two to four sessions taken two weeks apart) lower facial skin gets firmer and a fuller chin is noticeably reduced. As collagen production increases over the following 12 weeks, skin quality improves and fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and chin area appear visibly reduced.

What to expect

The first step is to book an appointment at our Gerrards Cross skin clinic for a detailed consultation. Here we will talk about your skin concerns, treatment goals and how the Strawberry Lift treatment works. We will also discuss your medical background (see the FAQs below). If you are a suitable candidate, treatment can usually start right away. Lying down on a treatment couch, your face will be thoroughly cleansed, and you’ll be given protective eye wear to wear throughout.  Small probes will be placed above your lymph nodes on your collarbone to stimulate the lymphatic system and sweep away the contents of unwanted adipocyte cells. The Strawberry Lift treatment is brief, lasting between 10 and 15 minutes. Our trained aesthetician uses a hand-held laser light to target adipocyte cells under the chin and around the jawline. The laser is completely painless – the only sensation you’re likely to feel is slight warmth as it heats the underlying tissue. For the next step, the aesthetician will apply a special gel to your face to allow the spot fat reduction handpiece to glided across your skin. With gentle movements of the probe over your face, below your cheek to your lower neck. This helps tighten the skin and triggers fresh collagen production.  Once treatment is complete, your face will be cleansed, and a gentle moisturiser with a sun protection factor will be applied.

Treatment name FAQs

Q: How many Strawberry Lift treatments will I need?

The number of treatments depends on your age and overall condition of your skin. Younger clients typically only need one to two treatments, while patients over 40 benefit from between two and four. More mature patients benefit from a minimum of four sessions.

Q: How long should I leave between treatments?

We recommend two weeks between appointments.

Q: How long does the Strawberry Laser lift last?

Results last much longer than dermal fillers with effects lasting for up to 18 months.

Q: Is any downtime needed afterwards?

One of the key benefits of the Strawberry Lift is that it is completely non-invasive, so no downtime is required. Full after-care instructions will be provided at your consultation. To prevent skin sensitivity, it is best to avoid strong sunlight and heat related treatments for 24-hours afterwards, such as jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms.

Q: Can I have a Strawberry Lift treatment if I have dermal fillers or other injectables?

It is advisable to leave one week between injectables and your Strawberry Lift appointment. If you have dermal fillers, it is important to let our aesthetician know at your consultation where and when you have had the filler injected as it may be affected by the lift treatment.

Q. Is the Strawberry Lift suitable for everyone?

The Strawberry Lift is suitable for all ages but is most effective on patients between 20 and 65 years old. As with a lot of cosmetic treatments, the laser lift is not suitable if you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, or have a serious medical condition, such as cancer or have had previous cancer treatment. If you have any queries about your suitability for this treatment, please do get in touch.

Additional details

  • Consultation Required? Yes
  • Treatment Time 45 mins
  • Duration of Results Up to 18 months
  • After Effects Redness, swelling
  • One-off treatment or recurring Course of 2-4
  • Price Start from £250

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